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  • I live in Bosstown
  • I was born on January 1
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  • Trogdor Burninator

    CHARGE!! War with Mason and his team continues from Wednesday to Friday! We  have won one, and they have won one. Who will win?

    We're going to have to try hard to beat them, but we can totally do it. I have a secret plan that we will execute during the game, watch closly to see me do it because it will help us!

    And if you want inspiration, look at the picture to the right

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  • Trogdor Burninator

    I can not deal with this guy. He does not deserve to be in the army! Ask a kid who went to Dailard about how he treated them like crap. I brought the Bounty Hunters together and used my detective skills to find AS MANY DETAILS ABOUT HIM AS POSSIBLE. I even found out that he has a grey Limited Toyota that looks like the pic on the right.So, he is Seriously demoted. And he broke my pencil, stole my pencil, tried to steal Caleb's Back pack and his computer, he stomped on my computer and my binder, he yelled bad words at Caleb, attacked the army, tried to break us up, tore Caleb's backpack, kicked me, insulted me and Lincoln. According to a fellow sixth grader named Gage,"That kid was a (BLEEEEEP)" And another sixth grader named Aiden said,"K…

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  • Trogdor Burninator

    The Leroy Contract

    Every Leroy must follow the rules of the Leroy Contract to stay a Leroy. It has the signatures of every Leroy Leader and is very  important. Though you should already be following these rules, here they are:

    • Respect others
    • Respect Yourself
    • Respect Property
    • Respect the right thing
    • You have to forgive others, but they will be kicked if they are bad for the army

    Every Leroy Leader will carry one of these just in case. I would like for them not only for others, but themselves just in case they find themselves in a situation. Also, remember that it is not like the Jedi code (top-right) or Sith code (bottom-right) because they aren't actually that hard to do. JSYK: I we don't want any Darth Jar Jars. Okeyday?

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