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Jedi code

Sith code

Sith code.

The Leroy Contract

Every Leroy must follow the rules of the Leroy Contract to stay a Leroy. It has the signatures of every Leroy Leader and is very  important. Though you should already be following these rules, here they are:

  • Respect others
  • Respect Yourself
  • Respect Property
  • Respect the right thing
  • You have to forgive others, but they will be kicked if they are bad for the army

Every Leroy Leader will carry one of these just in case. I would like for them not only for others, but themselves just in case they find themselves in a situation. Also, remember that it is not like the Jedi code (top-right) or Sith code (bottom-right) because they aren't actually that hard to do. JSYK: I we don't want any Darth Jar Jars. Okeyday?

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